Becoming a Better Husband

Welcome husbands. Welcome wives. This blog is dedicated to helping spouses improve their marriages.

Husbands often need hints, tips and guides on how they should handle different situations. Why go blindly when you can have help!

Wives often over-think their husbands actions or inaction. Most of the time the thought patterns are fairly simple, understanding this and knowing what advice their getting will help improve communication and understanding with your husband.

HusbandToMyWife is based on actual experiences and encounters. It’s taking these experiences of our own and others, learning the lessons they have, then applying them to our lives. Just as in education and professional life, we can not afford to stop learning in our personal lives. Take these  lessons and apply them to your specific situation. No one and no relationship are exactly the same, but with this practical advice you can plot the best course for you.

Good luck and happy reading!


About husbandtomywife

Just a man who loves one woman and wants to do it better.
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