7 Ways to Make Her Swoon

Okay, maybe swoon is the wrong word, but she won’t deny that these things will make her happy.

A wife friend of mine was recently ill. I sent  him a text message asking how she was doing, and he replied:

“Everything is going great! [She] got [a nap] but I went to the store and now I am cleaning the house- I figure a clean house would make her feel better quicker!!!”

What a great insight! If we take this principle and apply it across the rest of our home activities, it can’t help but make life better all the way around.

  1. Do “Extra” Chores – Do the dishes, vacuum, dust, add something to your  checklist that you don’t normally do a couple times a week. If its already your chore to do, it doesn’t count as extra.
  2. Cook – Or at least take care of the meal. Cooking is a chore, even for those who really love to cook, it can sometimes be a burden. If you don’t usually take care of the evening meal, this can provide a welcome break. You can even take it one step further and do the grocery shopping too.
  3. Make the Bed – No single thing makes a bedroom look cleaner than making the bed. You can have clothes on the floor, but if the bed is made, the room magically is more inviting. You should probably pick up those clothes too though.
  4. Take Care of the Kids – Get up in the night and let her sleep, change a poopy diaper, feed them breakfast. Make sure you’re pulling your weight as a parent, and showing both kids and spouse that you care enough to not pass the buck.
  5. Do Something Manly – Fix a nagging car or house problem. This never fails toimpress. In today’s age, men have been emasculated and are not expected to be able to do the things we’ve historically done. Flex your muscles and knock out those honey do list items.
  6. Do Your Least Favorite Chore – I hate laundry. It’s a never ending battle. I hate sorting, loading, unloading, and folding. Luckily my wife doesn’t mind it. When I know I really need to help out, I do laundry.
  7. Make Her Smile – Sometimes its not the work you do, but how you do it. Wear a funny apron, dance like a fool, or sing in your perfectly off-key voice. Even when you’re just sitting together, do or say things that make her smile and laugh. Remember that laughter is the best medicine.

Do these things, and who knows, maybe she will swoon.

Here’s the practical advice:

  • Attitude Check – Make sure you’re doing it with the right attitude. If you’re sulking the whole time, you’re sending the wrong message. I’m not saying you have to smile, but don’t whine and cry. Think about why you’re doing it. It will make it easier.
  • Take Initiative – Don’t wait to be asked or told to do something extra. It means more if you do it of your own accord.
  • Be Creative – Do things that are unexpected. These are the things that will elicit the most positive response.
  • No Expectations – You’re not doing this for a scooby snack or other reward. You’re doing this out of love and respect for your partner. If a scooby snack is given, all the better, but its not the goal.

Above all else: Love Your Wife


About husbandtomywife

Just a man who loves one woman and wants to do it better.
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