Valentine’s Date Ideas

I know I told you to prepare starting 2 weeks ago, but I also know some of you, no matter how much notice you get, will procrastinate. I’ve provided some helpful ideas/hints for you. Any combination should work, regardless of the day you choose to celebrate on.

Picking a Day to Celebrate

For 2011, Valentine’s Day is a Monday. Not the best night for a date night. The Friday or Saturday before would be perfect. The Friday or Saturday afterward are acceptable as long as it’s planned and known ahead of time. Don’t pull that out on the actual day, or it looks like you forgot.


Pick either her favorite flower or one that has a meaning you want to convey. Here’s a list of flower meanings (you could even get one that’s her birth month flower).

Good places to get flowers include:


Eat somewhere she likes; don’t go to your favorite steakhouse (unless it’s her favorite too). It won’t be appreciated. It should also be a place you don’t go all the time (unless its the only option where you are). It doesn’t have to be expensive, just not ordinary. You could even try a new place. Even if it isn’t good, it will be a good laugh and a fun story later.

Get reservations. Especially on Valentine’s Day, restaurants will be busy and you need to make sure your plan will have a high chance of success. Waiting a long time isn’t a desirable activity on a date. Lots of places offer specials for V-Day, so check their websites for offerings.

Good Restaurant Options:


Lots of options here. In some places you can even combine dinner and the activity. Again, it doesn’t have to cost a lot (or anything) and make sure its something she wants to do.


Sticking with the theme of it doesn’t have to cost much, keep in mind that jewelry is more of an Anniversary gift than Valentine’s. That said, chocolate or favorite candy is always welcome.

Some other cheap options:

  • Foot lotion (with coupons for foot rubs)
  • Pedicure gift certificate
  • Picture frame with a picture of you two together
  • Stuffed animal
  • Collectible (if she collects something, add a new item to the collection)
  • Love coupons – Pre-made or make your own

Here’s the practical advice:

  • Relax – She’s already with you, so even if something doesn’t go perfectly as planned, she’s gonna stay with you. You’ll both have a good time as long as you’re together.
  • Don’t Forget – Forgetting Valentine’s Day is akin to forgetting your anniversary or birthday. Don’t forget.
  • Love Everyday – Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for a fun date night, with a focus on love, but you should be loving her like its Valentine’s every day. No gifts or chocolate required, just a daily reminder that you love her.
  • For the Anti-V Day People – Even if she says she’s anti-Valentine’s Day, make sure you still acknowledge her and love her on that day. A small token of love is always appreciated. Most people who are Anti-V Day feel that love should be expressed every day, so make sure you’re doing that too, and not saving it for 1 time a year.

Above all else: Love Your Wife


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