A Wedding! Code of Conduct for Marriage

I recently had the great honor of attending a wedding reception and ring ceremony for one of my closest friends. The weather was perfect for a June wedding in Texas. The sun was hidden behind the trees, and a nice breeze was blowing the heat of the day away.

As the Bride and Groom stood in front of the Bishop who officiated the ring ceremony, they heard some beautiful words of love and advice. The officiator was brief (since it was only a ring ceremony) and gave 10 specific points of counsel for their marriage he termed his “Code of Conduct for Marriage”.

After the ceremony, I asked the Bishop if I could have a copy of his ceremony. He was kind enough to email it to me the next day.

Here is his Code of Conduct for Marriage (my comments are in blue):

  1. Have daily prayer together [Couples who pray together stay together. Praying together as a unified couple for direction in your life will garner many blessings.]
  2. Ponder the scriptures each day [The scriptures are the word of God, and even trials within our marriage can be solved with the combination of lessons found in those pages.]
  3. Use tender words in all communications (even disagreements) [add this to my existing advice on Fighting Fair]
  4. Love each other’s parents and siblings.  That is the team that shaped the personality and character of the person with whom you have fallen in love. [If you have a hard time with this one, remember that with family, your job is to be polite regardless of your feelings]
  5. Put aside for a rainy day [Financial issues are cited annually in the top 5 reasons for divorce. Don’t let that be a problem for your marriage.]
  6. As [a husband], beat your wife whenever you can: beat her to the dishes, dirty diapers, car doors, etc. [By being proactive on this, you will reap great rewards in your marriage]
  7. As a wife, make yourself beautiful each day for your husband [Husbands, you should try to look good too. Make yourself desirable to her.]
  8. Attend the temple [religious services] often [A common belief system will help bring peace into your home]
  9. Look to your future and plan for it now (children, finances, education, retirement etc.) [This goes hand in hand with number 5]
  10. Learn to “serve” … each other and all around you as the Savior serves. [Serving each other and serving others together, helps you both grow in character and in love ]

After he shared this code of conduct, they exchanged rings and were treated to a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria.

The code of conduct stuck in my mind (being very practical) for usage by any married couple and easy to understand and implement.

Here’s the practical advice:

  • Read and Discuss – the 10 “rules” of the code of conduct above with your spouse
  • Set a goal – To live by this code.

Above all else: Love Your Wife!


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