Announcing Our 1st Ever Husband of the Month Award!

Thanx to everyone who made submissions, there are a lot of good men out there, and their families are eager to recognize them.

The recipient of our first ever Husband of the Month Award is:


Nominated by his wife Wendy. Here’s what her nomination said:

“My husband deserves ‘Husband of the Year!’ Not only did he take care of the kids for a week while I was out of town, but he implemented new rules with them (they have to make their beds before they come out of their rooms every morning), he also did ALL the laundry and the whole house was clean when I came home! It was a wonderful feeling to come home and not have to worry about getting the whole house clean! Miguel also took the kids to his work numerous times (I think 5 times in all) and had to be able to work while managing them. He’s wonderful and did a fantastic job! “


Great job Miguel! A great example for other husbands.

Nominate your husband, son, son-in-law, uncle, father, grandfather, friend or other choice for Husband of the Month HERE.

About husbandtomywife

Just a man who loves one woman and wants to do it better.
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