New Thread: Good Husband / Bad Husband Sitings

I love to watch people; I enjoy observing their interactions with others and their personal behaviors. I especially notice when something is good or bad in a behavior regarding the husband/wife relationship.

In future posts, I’ll be cataloging some of these sitings, whether its the man I saw last night who held the door for his wife at the restaurant, and waited for her to sit down first at the table (Good), or the clown who was walking out of the store empty-handed while his wife struggled to carry several boxes (Bad).

For those with questions, yes, I know I’m on the outside looking in and yes, I understand the lesson from Stephen R. Covey of paradigm shifts. These sightings are simply anecdotal and are observations to help others become better husbands.

Share yours in the comments section


About husbandtomywife

Just a man who loves one woman and wants to do it better.
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